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Historic Carpet Care Training


The care of historic carpets is evolving to meet new requirements from the heritage sector, including a greater emphasis on training house staff to enable them to safely undertake routine aspects of carpet care.


We offer a number of training options, from 2 to 3 day courses for conservators, to half day practical sessions for small numbers of house staff and volunteers.


The subjects covered can be tailored to your requirements.

Our comprehensive 2 and 3 day training courses cover:

Historic Carpet Care Training Course
  • Fibre identification

  • Carpet constructions

  • Causes of damage and soiling

  • Dry soil removal

  • Wet cleaning options

  • Drying theory and practice

  • Packing and rolling

  • Environmental considerations

  • Surveys and documentation

  • Health and safety considerations

  • Presentation, display and maintenance

Shorter courses can cover one or more of these subjects to suit your requirements.  


We can advise on specific training needs in relation to your carpet collection and staff experience to produce a cost effective, bespoke solution which will enable you to care for your carpets and rugs effectively. Participants of training courses will receive a comprehensive manual for reference.


The manual can also be ordered here.





A Historic Carpet
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