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If your carpets or rugs are going to be rolled and stored for any length of time, they need to be properly prepared and wrapped to prevent damage, mould and mildew, insect attack and other issues.


Carpets and rugs should only be rolled in the correct direction to prevent damage to the foundation fibres and pile and once rolled, should not be placed on the floor. It is also unwise to store carpets in a dirty condition, so dry soil removal prior to storage is advisable.


If you are in any doubt at all about how to lift, roll, wrap and store your historic period carpet or rug, and need to know about the necessary materials needed please contact us for advice and a quotation before doing anything that might cause damage. Our service is available nationwide.


Storing a Historic Carpet

We can advise on how to prepare your carpets for storage, how they should be rolled, numbers of personnel needed for safe handling, the appropriate equipment and materials required, and give examples of safe storage methods.


A Historic Carpet
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