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Historic Carpet

Care of historic and period carpets and rugs

Historic Carpet Care was established in 2013 by Glyn Charnock, former Training Director for the National Carpet Cleaners Association, following collaboration with Ksynia Marko at the National Trust to adapt commercial methods and equipment for the safe cleaning of historic carpets. The process was developed further in 2016 following additional research by Frances Hartog at the Victoria & Albert Museum.


By working in collaboration with professional colleagues we aim to continue to offer the in situ historic carpet cleaning methods developed by Glyn. Our work ensures processes meet conservation principles and best practice.

For more information please email:

Historic Carpet
Historic carpet conservator

We are professional conservators with considerable knowledge and experience in the care of historic carpets and rugs.

Cleaning Historic Carpet

We offer safe and professional surface cleaning for historic carpets and rugs using specially developed techniques.

Handling Historic Carpet

We offer advice on correct handling, rolling and storage to minimise damage of your historic carpets and rugs.

Training for Historic Carpets

We offer a number of training courses, publications and presentations in carpet and rug care and cleaning.

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