Many modern carpets and rugs, especially those suited to use in historic or listed properties, or those specified by interior designers, require additional care and maintenance when compared to 'normal' domestic carpets and upholstery.


At Historic Carpet Care, we can specify cleaning processes and schedules to keep your investment in furnishings and carpets in the best possible condition.


Using our considerable experience and conservation cleaning knowledge, we know the correct way to expertly care for your carpets and upholstery fabrics.

We are experienced in handling all materials and fabrics


We are experienced in all cleaning systems, including those suitable for water-sensitive fibres like viscose and tencel, delicate fibres like silk, and natural plant fibres like seagrass, jute and sisal.


We are approved by Jacaranda Carpets for cleaning and protecting their high value products.


From removal of a single stain to implementing a full cleaning and maintenance regime, we can tailor our service to suit your requirements.

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